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Massage & Acupuncture

I visited Chi and was completely bowled over by her talent and knowledge. She recognised that I had quite a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck, and worked hard at them to decrease the pressure I was feeling. I’ve never had a massage that was so “medical,” if that makes sense — she asked numerous questions, and really seemed to care about my wellbeing. I wasn’t sure about acupuncture at first, and told her I only wanted a massage, but she put a few needles in my back at the end of my hour-long session, and I found it really calming. I actually ended up committing to five more acupuncture sessions, which she recommended to treat my back. The second appointment I had with her, she actually arranged for a chiropractor friend, Andre, to work on me — I’d not had chiro before, but I felt so much better after walking out of there! It was a bit challenging as I had to work on my breathing, but I’ve found myself standing a lot straighter since being stretched out. I’d definitely recommend seeing Chi if you have any aches and pains, her technique and acupuncture is incredible. - Qype User

The acupressure massage is an amazing experience; it is so relaxing, I love it! - Robert (Businessman)


Following a miscarriage my partner and I tried for a year to have a baby without success. I came to Chi Clinic and after 3 sessions of acupuncture I fell pregnant. Chi also gave me a lot of advice on how to avoid a miscarriage. - Katy

I visited Chi back in January 2015 as i had heard that acupuncture could improve female egg quality, at the time i had a rough idea of my hormone levels but not my level of fertility. By the end of 2015 i decided that the time had come to do further fertility tests, i did so and found everything to be good except for a slight blockage in one of my tubes. This may have reduced my chances by at least 50%, thus myself and Chi came up with a plan of action, regular acupuncture, a particular diet and her personal concoction of herbal tea (which she made up weekly for me), within a matter of months i fell pregnant thanks to the help of Chi and her excellent knowledge of fertility. I am now almost 5 months pregnant and patiently awaiting my little one. Thank you Chi you truly helped and your knowledge and genuine caring nature made a refreshing change from other practitioners out there. -Latifah

Weight Loss

I have lost 2 stones in 2 months with Chi’s weight loss massage and acupuncture! Strongly recommended!! - Natalia (Surveyor)

Chi is a knowledgeable acupuncture therapist who helps me with weight loss. Her treatment room is very clean and she follows hygiene very carefully. She is very friendly and helpful and helps me relax with additional massage after acupuncture. Would recommend it! - Anastasia

I had 6 sessions of acupuncture and lost 18 pounds; my dress size dropped from 16 to 12-14. I eat much more healthily than before, my skin is better and I feel more confident. - Wanda

Weight Loss and Menopause

I suffered from hot flushes, sweating and headache for many years but after 6 sessions of acupuncture, the symptoms of menopause disappeared completely. Chi also helped me to lose 1½ stones. - Brigget

Back Pain

I had tried different treatments, before I came to Chi Clinic. After 6 sessions of acupuncture and sports injury manipulation with Chi, my back pain has gone! - Monica (Hotel Receptionist)

Chest Pain

I was introduced by my friend to come to see Chi; my chest pain has gone completely after 6 sessions of acupuncture and herbal medication. I had this problem for nearly one year. Acupuncture is amazing! - Sandra (TV Producer)


I had suffered from migraine for nearly 10 years before Chi sorted out my problem with acupuncture. - Michelle


Chi is great, I never feel so relaxed as during a treatment which I sleep through every time, even with needles sticking out of me!! Have been back every 2-4 weeks since and will continue to go. I have and will continue to recommend her. - Gerbil

Damaged Ligament in Leg

I chose the acupuncture treatment as I was having problems with a ligament in my leg and had a back problem and I was impressed with other reviewers’ comments. Chi, is such an amiable, professional, efficient person. I was so impressed that I booked a course of 6 sessions. What I really liked about Chi is that she demystified acupuncture; she didn’t cloud it in talk of energy lines, ...etc, but explained it as reducing inflammation, which made sense and was noticeable after her treatment. She didn’t hurry the initial session – or those following, and also gave me valuable advice about the problems I was having, which I have acted on and benefited from. A definite offer to sign up for. - Marya

Chi treated me for a trapped nerve which caused a problem walking on my foot. She treated me with a combination of traditional and modern Chinese medicine, using acupuncture combined with electronic needles to regenerate my nerves.
The results were very good and with about 16 sessions I had recovered about 70% of sensation (combined with resting from running).

I highly recommend Chi to anyone seeking acupuncture as she uses many modern techniques that other practice's do not try, such as the electronic needles (not as scary as it sounds!)
She is also a very friendly and intelligent character who you can chat about many subjects during treatment, and you feel very well looked after following a session. I have since recommended her service to many others.

After I completed all my sessions I have almost completely recovered all sensation in my foot, just in time to go traveling, so thanks Chi!
- Matt

Achilles Tendon Injury

Excellent acupuncture session and aftercare advice I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment and definitely go back. however I do appreciate that acupuncture is not a quick fix and a course of treatment may be needed to address a specific health issue. - Sara

Hair Loss

I just wanted to write to say a big thank you for the fantastic treatment you have provided to me. I came to you in May 2009 with hair loss and significant bald patches. I can honestly say that it has grown back fantastically – to the point where people no longer notice I have a problem. I tried several other treatments but believe the regrown is due to the acupuncture treatment you provided. I would recommend the treatment to anyone else without hesitation! Thank you so much for everything- it’s been great. - Arti


I have been seeing Chi for a number of years now. Initially, it was to help me with some persistent discomfort around my shoulder blades, which she treated through acupuncture and massage. More recently, she has successfully treated two episodes of alopecia – one in my beard and the other on my head. Though not large areas of hair loss, I’m glad to say that she has helped to overcome them without the use of conventional drugs. Chi’s pleasant and engaging bedside manner means that she was always a pleasure to see. I would recommend her to anyone. - David

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